Cable Concrete Erosion


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Cable Concrete Erosion Control Systems protects underlying subgrades while allowing beneficial vegetative growth. The mattress system consists of concrete blocks, integral stainless steel cables which are cast into the blocks and pre-attached geotextile fabric.

  • Hydraulic conditions and flow velocities determine the block size and layout design required to stabilize erosive forces
  • The pyramidal shape of the blocks provides for large angular variability
  • The open area of the mat allows for sufficient transfer of water between the subgrade and the system surface
  • Native and exotic grasses, broadleaf plants and shrubs will grow in the open area of the mat if desired. Plants' root systems actually enhance the stability of the system over time.
  • Cable Concrete mats can be used for temporary erosion control, for construction traffic or emergency situations


  • Channel linings
  • Slope protection
  • Dam/spillway overflow protection
  • Bridge pier and abutment scout protection
  • Lakeshore protection
  • Stormwater pipe and box culvert outlets
  • Landfill drainage systems
  • Fire lanes
  • Boat ramps
  • Access roads and low-water crossings
  • Stream and river bank stabilization
  • Temporary/emergency erosion control
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